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Obesity has become a growing epidemic that plaques people of different cultures worldwide. Obesity is such a major health concern because it leads to several fatal diseases. Obesity sufferers are prone to cardiovascular problems, diabetes, stroke and heart attack. Many of these health issues are called “silent-killers” because the victim does not even know they have these diseases. Obesity is not only negatively affecting adults but it affects the younger generation as well. Children and teenagers are becoming obese at alarming rates. It is said that if this trend continues our children’s generation will not live as long as their parents. This is a serious fact that is terrifying on every level. Obesity does not discriminate as it takes out so many in its path. Obesity is preventable.

The leading cause of obesity is the intake of caloric food consumed being more than the output of energy the body exerts in a day. Our intake of food must match our output of energy. If these two numbers do not correspond then fat cells multiply and make a home in the tissues of the body. Once this occurs a person is on a dangerous path leading to obesity. Other causes of obesity are a sedentary lifestyle, a decrease in physical activities and manual labor. We live in a technological revolution. Gadgets make everyday tasks easier and therefore we have to exert less energy. This is a negative influence though, because it leads to the onset of obesity and severe health problems.

Obesity is calculated by estimating an individual’s Body Mass Index. A BMI test is a proven way to calculate obesity and its chance of occurrence. A BMI test calculates and divides a person’s weight by their height. This gives a percentage and alerts the person to their rate and chance of being obese. An above normal BMI percentage is twenty-five percent or higher of a normal body weight. Many Americans fall into this category, causing America, to become a nation of obese people.

There are many treatment options for people who are suffering from obesity. The best treatment is for an obese individual to decrease their calorie intake, to decrease their fat consumption, to only use clinically proven obesity treatment product, to become more active and to participate in physical manual labor. All of these factors form a winning therapy in order to fight obesity. Many people will try weight loss pills, whether prescribed or herbal, but they only work in conjunction with a healthy diet and vigorous exercise program. People using these pills should be reminded of their serious side effects. Obese people also have the choice to have surgery performed but this option is usually only used in severe cases.

It used to be that obese people were looked towards as signs of strength and fertility. Today obese people are stereotyped as they are considered to be lazy and dull minded. These two factors are far from the truth. Obesity is a huge that problem that keeps getting bigger. People’s waistlines are rapidly growing and this is leading to a lifetime of health problems. The sad thing is that obesity affects one generation after another. This is a raging epidemic that calls for stricter government regulations and a greater sense of personal responsibility. Obesity can be stopped in its tracks and prevented.

Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity