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Metabolic Syndrome

The metabolism is the rate at which the body can burn calories when resting. This is also called the basal metabolic rate and the body can burn 60 to 75 percent of its energy when resting.

When we begin to move the metabolism increases, and people that have more muscle than fat will burn more calories as it takes more energy to maintain this muscle. Those people will just want more and more exercise to keep their metabolism running and will try to convince those fatter friends to go for a jog.

Some people however, have low metabolisms and a jog will seem like pure torture. They would rather sit and watch TV or sleep. These people are normally overweight or obese. The slow metabolism will actually cause the body to store more fat, and will add to the high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other symptoms that are experienced by obese people. This is also called the metabolic syndrome, Syndrome X, or the insulin resistance syndrome.

It has been noted that one in five people will suffer from this metabolic syndrome, and this can lead to severe health risks like cardiovascular disorder, kidney disease and thicker arteries. One will simply lead to another. People also make the mistake of dieting incorrectly which will make your metabolism even slower:

  • Not eating will cause your body to store more fats in case you do not eat.
  • Lowering your calorie intake.
  • Too much sugar.
  • Not doing any activity, just sitting.
  • Thyroid problems.

If you have a poor metabolism and are overweight, you will be at risk of developing diabetes which is caused by insulin resistance. Insulin is a natural hormone that assists in the transfer of sugar into energy in the cells. If you are obese your body will resist the insulin and the hormone will just keep begin released leading to an excess which is diabetes.

You can have hypertension and dislipidemia which means that the good cholesterol in the body is slower than the bad cholesterol. Heart disease and kidney diseases will increase. Here are some things that will improve the functioning of your metabolism:

  • Do not diet by cutting calories and starving yourself. Insist on a healthy, normal eating plan that will change your lifestyle and make it easier to maintain. Still have the foods that you want, but in moderation. Start slowly and work your way towards better habits. Swap high sugar products for ones with no sugar or gluten, and do not skip meals.
  • Exercise – Just start slowly and you could include stretching exercise when you get out of bed in the morning. This will get your blood flowing and improve your metabolism. Drink lots of water and breathe correctly, and you will see improvements in no time.

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    Recommended therapy for obesity

    Recommended Therapy For Obesity

    Healthy Lifestyle Rules To Losing Weight

    Every year you see people who are in a frenzy trying to get ready for summertime weather. We all use the same excuses like we have been working too much, the holidays were too fattening, or that the weather has not been conducive to exercise. The truth is that being healthy means living a healthy lifestyle, and that includes the entire year, not just the summertime or the months that lead up to it. There are some things that can be put into anyone’s daily routine to make for a fitter body and a healthier lifestyle.

    Exercise is a key element to getting in shape, and it is also the most dreadful to think about. The easiest exercise that a person can do is walk. You can walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and you can walk around your neighborhood a few times a week. If you purchase a pedometer you can see how  many steps you take as well as the calories that you are burning. Try to walk at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day three times a week. You will notice a difference in your body and the way that you feel when you walk during your week, and it may be addictive.

    Another exercise tool that may be helpful are the enormous exercise balls that you see everywhere. You may be surprised at the workout that you can get on one of these inexpensive balancing balls. The balls are great for exercises like crunches that can normally put an undue strain on the spine and back. Make sure that you review all of the instructions and pictorial exercises that are sold in the packaging of the exercise balls. Make sure that you don’t forget your weights when you do any sort of exercise. A 3lb weight can shave the flab off of your upper body while you work out your lower body.

    The next component to a healthy lifestyle is eating, but that is an obvious thing. Many people do not make good choices when it comes to food, so you need to be aware of what goes in your mouth. If you are in the habit of buying prepackaged foods from the grocery store, stop doing it. The prepackaged foods have empty calories and tons of saturated fats. If you are looking to add fat to your diet, take the experts advice and digest at least three servings of fatty fish per week. Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel can help with arthritis and they have the most omega-3 fatty acids that are so essential to a good diet.  You should also try buying fresh vegetables and cooking or steaming them with olive oil. Olive oil is essential in many diets throughout the Mediterranean and it can be added to pasta, bread, vegetables, and salad. Garlic is also an element of a diet that can aid in digestion as well as help blood pressure.

    You should also use water the most that you can in your diet. Sure, studies have come out that say that water is replaced in certain foods and drinks, but the experts agree that there is nothing better than six 8oz glasses of water a day to help with hydrating your body and keeping you feeling full. You should also avoid any artificial sweeteners. When you feed your children, or yourself, juices that have fruit punch you are consuming syrup that is unnecessary in any diet. When you let your children get into a habit of drinking punch you are promoting obesity, and poor habits with a possible addiction to sweeteners. Try to eat as much fresh fruit as you possibly can. Fresh fruit will help you to fill full as well as help with internal digestion.  Make sure that all of your breads and cereals contain the most fiber that you can stand as well.

    Next, you should try to get rid of anything white. The white stuff includes pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, and flour. All of these white foods will raise blood sugar and force your body to produce more insulin and therefore will cause you to gain weight. Make sure to choose the option of whole grain any time that you can. If you must have these, then take Proactol after your meal.

    If you have a hard time remembering your vitamins, you may want to drink them. Many people have become accustomed to drinking smoothies in the morning that can be mixed with many of your favorite fruits. You can add vitamins to these drinks such as the omegas, which include omega-6 and omega-3. These omega acids are found in flax seed and can be added to drinks for people who are lacking in weekly fish installments. The omega acids are essential and they come in capsules, which are not fishy tasting anymore.

    The best thing that you can do for your diet is to not eat after 7 p.m. When you eat before 7 you will increase your chances of losing weight over time. If you can make yourself eat before it gets too late, your body will not have to sit on extra calories while you sleep.

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    Recommended therapy for obesity

    Recommended Therapy For Obesity

    Learning To Want To Exercise

    The New Year is a perfect example of having good intentions regarding exercise and not being able to follow through. Everyone knows what it looks like: you sign up for the gym, but once you go in, you realize that the gym is really a meeting place for the extremely fit. The gym can be the most intimidating place on Earth, so you decide that you are going to try a different option. The best place to exercise must be at your own pace in your own home, so you quickly purchase all of the fun and hard workout videos that you can find. Some months later you find that your VCR doesn’t work and you have gained another 15lbs. The point is that you are not alone.

    There are many reasons why people have a hard time finding motivation to exercise. Sometimes the obvious is still not motivation enough to get up and take action. Most people who are overweight are fully aware of obesity, health risks, Diabetes 2, and high cholesterol. In fact, a person who is overweight probably knows more than the average person on the hows, whys, and whats of losing weight. So why is it so hard for people to get the weight off?

    The first thing that you should do is consult your doctor about exercise suggestions. If you start off too big and with too much, you will find yourself bored and overwhelmed and you will quit before you know it. You may want to write down what types of exercise you enjoy like walking, dancing, or yoga. Your list doesn’t have to be long, start off small and work your way up the exercising ladder.

    Many people will find themselves making a long list of excuses for why they don’t want to exercise. Some people are scared that others will laugh at them while some people feel so horrible just getting into exercise clothes. While you are making a list of all of the reasons why you don’t want to exercise, go ahead and make a list for all of the reasons that you should exercise. The truth is that people are probably not going to laugh at you or even look at you for any other reason than to say hello, but if you stay on track you will be able to reach your goals of weight loss.

    The greatest thing that you can do when you start to exercise is to start with a realistic goal. If you start out doing a 45-minute fast paced walk, you are going to be so sore, you will not exercise again for weeks. Make sure to set a pace and routine that you can actually follow and be proud of yourself for. Walk for 10 minutes and then stop and stretch for five. You may not feel like you have run a marathon your first day in the exercising world, but something is better than nothing. You may also want to remember some key phrases that will help you feel good about yourself such as: I am worth it, I am beautiful, I look as good as I feel. Say your phrases that you choose everyday to remind yourself that you are on track.

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    Recommended therapy for obesity

    Recommended Therapy For Obesity

    Strategies To Effectively Eliminate Belly Fat

    Too many of us are overweight, especially on our belly region that can increase your risk for heart disease. There are various strategies to effectively eliminate belly fat and that include five diet changes and one exercise introduction.

    If you eat lots of high refines sugars and junk food the body will not be able to digest properly. They body becomes bloated and you lack energy. Here are some ways to restore your digestive health, so the belly fat will be effectively eliminated.

    1. Fiber is the most important part of your diet. It keeps your digestive system flowing well and reduced the bloating that is experienced. It also improves the effect of B vitamins and blocks absorption of calories into the body. It will keep your blood sugar levels low and reduce risk of diabetes. This is why doctors and professionals are recommending fiber product as the most recommended therapy for obesity.

    2. Probiotics must be increased. These live active cultures can be found in yogurt and whey products. These types of bacteria help the body break down foods, reduce cravings, and boost your immune system as well.

    3. Eat three healthy meals per day. The grazing method of five to six smaller meals does have its ups, but if not done correctly can cause a person to take in too much starch and sugars, which causes bloating. It is better to skip unhealthy snacks and rather have three low sugar meals.

    4. It is essential that you have good carbohydrate in your body but not before bed, as you will not burn it off and it will store in your body as fat. Your evening meal should contain more vegetables and proteins.

    5. Coconut oil is important in your diet. Research done in Italy found that this oil heats up when digested and speeds up the metabolism by 60 percent. It also cuts yeast and bacteria which cause the bloating of the stomach.

    6. The last tip for reducing belly fat effectively is to do crunches or other tummy strengthening exercises. You should try and do as many as you can until you feel your stomach burning. Count how many you can do and then aim to do 5 more every day after that. You must be in the correct position to do crunches with your knees bend, your feet flat on the floor, and your hands resting under your head. You should suck your stomach towards the floor as you lift your shoulder and exhale. When you lay back down you should exhale.

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    Recommended therapy for obesity

    Recommended Therapy For Obesity