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How Being Obese Can Affect Pregnant Women And Their Baby

If you are looking to have a baby and are overweight or obese consider that you could be putting not only yourself but your baby or potential baby at risk. In recent years obesity has become one of the biggest threats to expecting mothers, unborn babies and women trying to conceive.

Here are some of the difficulties that you will or might face if you are obese and pregnant or looking to get pregnant. There is an increased risk of miscarriage in obese women. If you are obese and pregnant there is up to a four times greater likelihood to have a still born baby. The more overweight the mother is the more likely they are to have longer labors, need assistance or are less likely to be able to have a natural birth. There is also a difficulty in being able to detect problems with the baby using ultra sound because of the layers of fat caused by being overweight. Unborn babies are also at risk for things like heart and spine abnormalities and other congenital defects as a result of the mother being overweight.

If you are overweight there is also an increased chance of developing symptoms of severe high risk pregnancy like high blood pressure, and diabetes which can lead to things like liver and kidney complications.

With obesity on the rise and knowing that there would be increased risks to both the mother and the baby, the best way to resolve these issues is to lead a healthy lifestyle and to make sure you stay at a weight that is right for you. This may not be the doctor recommended weight but there is always a median that works well for each individual person that indicates where they are the healthiest.

Maintaining or reaching this weight prior to pregnancy can help to ensure that not only is conception as easy as nature intended but that both mother and baby maintain their health throughout the pregnancy with a limited number or no complications. When you are considering having a baby or are pregnant it’s a good idea to be as healthy as possible and keep that health.

If you are overweight and looking at having a child or pregnant consider the problem that being overweight will or may cause issues with both you and your child.

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Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity

Obese Children Could Die Before Their Parents

Recent information and studies have brought into light the fact that people who are obese during their teens and early twenties can expect to lead shorter life spans.

There are a number of factors which contribute to the obesity of young people. Lack of physical activity, fast food, loads of programs on television, the removal of things like recess and Physical Education, the number of hours spent in school has increased as well as the time spent in front of the computer and playing video games. These factors have led to an increase in the number of obese children, teens and young adults as well as an increase in the number of the same age group being potentially at risk of becoming obese.

The result of having obesity at such a young age means that these children are more susceptible to disease, the majority of which would be completely preventable if obesity was avoided or reversed.

Some of these health problems include type 2 diabetes, an increased risk of heart attack, and an increased risk of stroke and problems with joints. There is also an increased risk of mental health problems, and other chemical related issues, like hyper tension. Other problems like sleep apnea and asthma as also common among obese children.

It is a shame that this generation of children is considered to be the most inactive in recorded history, that is definitely not something to be proud of being known for. It doesn’t take much to control the weight of a young person it just needs diet and exercise. Just that will help ensure that the lives of your children exceed your own.

Part of the issue with obesity comes from the way that healthy living is presented. If children are presented with healthy living options from the beginning it’s much easier to maintain a healthy life style later. As parents you might have difficulty assisting your children in maintaining a healthy lifestyle after all considering that parents need to work sometimes two jobs a piece to make ends meet. TV and video games make easy ways to keep children entertained and fast food on the way home or ordering in pizza is much faster than putting together a healthy home cooked meal. However that sort of lifestyle is  literally causing children to be at risk of dying before their parents. Therefore parents need to be willing to work out a way to keep children engaged active and eating healthy.

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Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity

You Could Actually Be Overweight Even If You’re Slim

Understanding what makes someone obese isn’t as simple as just looking at someone and determining that they are overweight or not by the way they look. There are some people who are overweight who appear to be slender and others who look like they are overweight but are actually right where they should be when it comes to health.

There are people who appear slender who could actually be at higher risk for obesity related disease than those who are overweight. The reason behind this is that the risk for things like heart disease comes from the amount of fat stored around vital organs not the over all fat of the person, though this of course is a contributing factor. A slender person may actually have more fat around their vital organs and therefore be at higher risk than someone who is obese.

Slim But Can Still Be OverweightThis just goes to show that people need to find what is healthy for them. Perhaps someone who has the appearance of being overweight could actually be quite active and have less internal fat than someone who appears to be slim but does not do any physical activity. For example, a professional football player that plays in the line backer or tackle position may appear to be quite large and have a high weight. Their internal fat levels however might be significantly lower while maintaining the same BMI as someone who appears to be slender but that doesn’t participate in physical activities. The slender person may have the same BMI but the internal fat content of that person’s body may be significantly higher. This is why it is important to determine what works best for your particular body. If being slightly overweight is actually what provides the healthiest median for you then that is where you should be or if being slender is where you are healthiest then you should maintain or reach that goal.

When determining what is healthy for a person one can not rely strictly on simple numbers, over all feel is also important. Obesity isn’t as simple as being overweight or not, it is a complex disease that deals with the internal fat content of a particular person and that changes from person to person. What is obese for one person could be entirely healthy for another. Take the time to consider where you feel the healthiest and do your best to maintain that condition.

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Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity

Obesity – A Growing Problem For Britain’s Population

Today we are leading longer lives but not healthier ones. Thanks to the invention of new technologies many people have given up heavy labor for sitting labor and as a result gained weight. It’s an ever increasing problem that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. However, if a solution isn’t found soon there are serious ramifications in the future of Britain and its people.

The problem is becoming so large that doctors and other health experts are beginning to fear that the population of Britain will over take the USA in the percentage of obese people. They also fear that this issue with obesity will cause ever increasing numbers of deaths cased by obesity related, strokes, cancers and heart attacks.

Other health concerns are the reduction of life expectations by between eight and nine years and obesity related illness if the Britain keeps heading down the road to obesity will have a huge impact on things like medical supplementations and insurance costs. The before mentioned health concerns are starting to pose a serious threat to the health of individuals in Britain.

The past few decades have led to these changes in the over all health of British people. Fifty or even forty years ago there were few fast food chains, most people walked or rode bicycles rather than drove. They were considerable more active than today because of this there was less instances of obesity compared to today.

There were fewer advertisements on TV, less programming that caused people to want to sit down literally right after work and not get up again until bed or spend their entire weekends watching TV.

Another one of the issues which has led to a greater rate of obese people is the advent of highly processed and pre-made foods. TV dinners, fast food, fried food combined with a lack of exercise and the number of jobs that are increasingly less active have also been causes which have led to the increase obesity rate of British citizens.

The growing problem of obesity in Britain caused by the increase in advertising, programs on TV, lack of exercise and fast or processed food has given rise to the ever increasing concerns of Britain’s health experts.

It is becoming increasingly more urgent that something be done about this growing problem. The ramifications are quite disturbing, Diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart attack is all illnesses that contain risk factors that increase along with obesity. The best thing to do to prevent a rise in these factors is to increase awareness of the problem and get people active in the prevention and treatment of obesity.

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Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity