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Weight Loss And Diet Pills Dilemma

You’ve probably had one of two thoughts when you pass by the diet pill section of your local store, the first is “not another one”, or the second “that looks interesting I think I might give it a try”.

Over the past year, however, over the counter diet pills have been appearing that have official approvals and scientific evidence unlike their earlier appearing counter parts which rarely if ever had official approval and were usually untested. Some of these pills are only made available for online purchases. These weight loss pills seem to bring together the best of worlds, supplements and prescription weight loss pills.

When you look on the shelf though choosing a diet pill or weight loss supplement might be harder than it looks. The most available are the diet pills that fall into the fat burner category. These usually use chemicals like ephedra or ma-huang which can be potentially dangerous.

If you are looking for fast results, for a short period of time the fat burners work wonders. However, as soon as you stop taking them you can welcome that extra weight back. These diet pills are probably the closes to the quick fix, magic pill idea that’s out there.

The second type of diet pills you find in both prescription and over the counter, these are appetite suppressants. The basic principle is to reduce your calorie intake by reducing the amount of hunger you feel.

Prescription appetite suppressants are approved but have a number of side effects and use restrictions, while supplements are not approved and have no guarantee that what’s in the bottle is actually what’s on the label.

Third is the diet weight loss pills that are blockers or binders. These literally block your body from storing fat or bind the fat so that it can’t be stored. These are drugs like Xenical which is a prescription, or a natural organic alternative, Proactol which is only available online.

Xenical has a long list of side effects and restrictions that go with it making it difficult to take, though this type of diet pill does seem to show steady weight reduction and works well with long term dieting goals.

If you are looking for something that is 100% natural and certified organic, can be used long term, and has no reported side effects, consider Proactol. It has been researched and clinically proven unlike many others and it combines many benefits that weren’t available before. For more exclusive information, please visit Proactol official website.

As time goes on, each year, new drugs are put on the market to help people do many things. One of the more popular areas is weight loss. Having easy to obtain assistance that is scientifically researched, clinically proven and officially approved will go a long way to putting peoples minds at ease when it comes to purchasing diet pills for their weight loss goals.

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Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity

Negative Aspects Of Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is a major problem throughout most of the world today due to poor lifestyle and bad eating habits. There are some ways that a person who is obese can lose weight effectively in a short period of time. This involves bariatric surgeries and treatments. Gastric Bypass surgery is one of the more well known bariatric surgeries and the aim is to make the stomach smaller thus limiting the amount of food one is able to consume. There are negative side effects however that you should be aware of before having Gastric Bypass. These include bad side effects, high costs, and other postoperative hospitalization problems. On the up side, a huge amount of weight can be lost and your self esteem will improve. The procedure for this bariatric surgery involves staples being used to separate a small pouch from the rest of the stomach. This pouch will be the entire stomach when food is consumed, which means that the patient will be forced to eat less.

As mentioned above, the cost is what most people find stressful. The Gastric Bypass cost can be in the ten thousands range depending on your medical aid scheme. Health insurance companies will only cover this bariatric surgery if the patient is in good health with no other problems. The risks involved in Gastric Bypass surgery will also increase due to the surgeon’s experience. You should look for an experienced surgeon to perform this procedure to lower any complications and risks that may arise.

After the surgery, a negative aspect will be the restrictive diet that must be followed precisely to avoid complications. A clear liquid diet must be followed for twenty four hours not exceeding 60ml per hour. Then the patient can move on to pureed foods and drinks with no sugar and high protein. The patient will have to take multivitamin supplements to avoid other health risks and complications.

Various other health risks of Gastric Bypass include internal hemorrhaging as well as gastrointestinal leaking which mean that liquid is escaping from the small pouch, usually where the staples have been placed. It has been researched that after the surgeon has passed his 100th Gastric Bypass, the risks of this type of event occurring drop by 1.6 percent. The mortality rate of this bariatric surgery is mainly due to internal hemorrhaging.

The other problem mentioned is that patient might need to be hospitalized after the surgery due to complications. This usually occurs for the first three years and diminished with every year that passes. Another negative side effect is called dumping syndrome which will cause the patient to have nausea, tremors, diarrhea, sweating and fever. This is caused by the intake of sugar.

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Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity