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Causes Of Obesity


OvereatingOvereating is the main cause of obesity. When the consumption intake does not match physical expenditure in a single day, obesity begins. The extra fat gained by the negative subtraction of the tow factors mentioned above allows pockets of fat deposits accumulate within the human body. A man or a woman of such a high-consumption nature falls prey to extra fat, bypassing the normal metabolic conditions of a human being.

The extra energy produces fat which is reserved into tissues. This imbalance in energy conservation leads to overweight over a period of time.

Eating disorders, unscheduled timing of meals and a wide time gap between eating all increase the chance of being an obese.


GeneticBesides overeating there are other reasons for getting weight. Some genetic disorders, carried by generations lead to overweight. In these cases people are helpless as they are biologically destined to have super weight. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the people of Indian sub-continent are more prone to diabetes which presupposes an over weight condition.

Some illness like hypothyroidism leads to obesity. Here too things are not in the hands of the suffering people.

Gender plays an important part to play in causing obesity. On an average, a man has more muscles than a woman. Since muscles consume more calories than other forms of tissues, a man uses more calories than a woman even when he is not doing anything.

It proves that women are more vulnerable to obesity than men with same food intake.

Age is also a vital factor. Older people lose more muscles and thereby they tend to get fatter than the youth. Elderly people thus become obese more than the young generation.

During pregnancy, women get extra weight. This weight gain may lead to obesity. This can compound with each pregnancy.

Medication and Drugs

Certain medications also lead to overweight. For example taking too many pain killers, sedatives, anti-depressants and typical antipsychotics cause extra fat to build in an individual.

People should be very cautious in consuming such drugs. The less you take the better. Over consumption of alcohols also causes extra fat cells to develop.

Lack of Exercise

Sedentary lifestyle lacking in the realm of manual labor in the day’s schedule also leads to obesity. Those who do not spend a few hours engrossed in manual works give way to becoming heavy weight. Lack of physical exercise also leads to the miserable fall out becoming heavyweight.

Wrong Diet

A high glycemic diet, for example, a diet that consists of meals having high postpandial blood sugar causes a person to become obese. Heavy consumption of sugary food raises blood sugar level which in its turn makes one overweight.

A repeated attempt to lose weight by dieting is also risky. Eminent pop singer Carpenter died by practicing over dieting.


DepressionHigi level of stress are capable of leading to obesity. In this world of competition, it is hard not to become anxious, but too much of it is dangerous. Some people overeat because of depression, hopelessness, anger and boredom, it is not true that obese have more emotional problems. What we want to say is that emotions force people to take a particular eating habit that may not be healthy.

Insufficient Sleep

Insufficient sleep may also lead to danger. One should remember that sleep is a food for the body. Denial of this vital food necessarily leads to complications.


Smoking is also extremely bad for a person’s  health. It leads to many serious medical complications. But sudden cessation of smoking may also lead to danger. If a person makes the healthy decision to quit smoking they should talk to their doctor about their quitting options.

Ethnic Group

Ethnic diversity plays a part in the growing epidemic of obese people among certain cultural populations worldwide. It is proven that some ethnic groups are more vulnerable to becoming obese than others. It depends on the food habit of the ethnic group in question.

People having large adipose reserves are more likely to survive food shortages or famines. On the other hand, these people are in a disadvantageous position in a society where food supplies are plentiful.

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