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Contemporary Culture

Both in fantasy and in real life we see the pathetic conditions of obese people. They are ostracized once they become overweight. The idea that an obese is worthless dominates the mindset of contemporary culture.

No scientific analysis is made on the cause of obesity or on the mental conditions of the obese. The dignity of obese people is sacrificed to the wild and wanton desire of people with a normal physique. In this process, the cultural common-sense of people, in general, is darkened.

In contemporary culture, the obese provides enough space to produce laugh scenes in different mediums of arts. In literary creations, films and cartoons, they are seen in abundance. The obese sometimes takes the form of a bully, sometimes a selfish human and again in just a jest-giver.

The post-modern time has arrived with all its complexities. There is the old crude and shabby social and cultural treatment of the obese individual. Because of this there arises a new consciousness about the physical and mental conditions of an obese person. There are listeners to his or her agony. There are voices of protest against maltreatment to a person suffering from obesity.  He or she is no longer treated as a grotesque character in social and cultural settings by a group of enlightened and educated people.

The social significance of friendly treatment towards an obese lies in the scientific outlook acquired by the common masses. An obese is a patient, he needs love and affection, care and treatment – this is the growing trend of a sizeable section of the population these days.

In the post-modern social and cultural milieu, the obese are not stigmatized and ostracized. The new generation of youth is also taking more health conscious steps towards the early detection and prevention of obesity. Such occurrences are prevalent in cartoon films. Adults and minors are brought together to laugh at these obese creatures.

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Recommended Therapy For Obesity