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Environmental Factors

Environment plays a major role in people becoming obese. Here the environment stands for the surroundings an American is born and grows up. The sedentary life style of an average American is mainly responsible for the citizens becoming obese in such large quantities. That is why it is so important for parents to instill a love for exercise at an early age.

An obese parent genetically hands over his fat to the next generation. The cycle thus has become vicious. The early Americans were British colonialists. These colonists were hard working and therefore they did not have to deal with the issues and complications of obesity.

With the growth of economy, people find no interest in manual labor and there for have started the production of a society of people greatly suffering from obesity. History tells us that since the Second World War, the average weight of Americans increased, but they did not suffer from such intense obesity.

But things started to take a turn for the worse, once the cost of food products decreased in the 1980’s. People have enough money to buy food, especially sugar and corn products, plus huge food consumption, such as restaurant portions, combined with little physical labor add to this perplexing dilemma. These factors have caused people to become thick around the middle. Some foodstuffs have been subsidized leading to a sharp fall in their prices.

With the opening of economy lead by the Regan administration in the 1980s adults and children fell prey to seductive advertisements for junk food and cold drinks, which consist of a large amount of calories that cause a person to become obese. With new gadgets for cooking and household work appearing on the scene, people, especially women, do less physical work leading to their becoming obese.

Increasing affluence in society also has caused over consumption of food by Americans. The elderly population tends to be more obese. The number of elderly people in the USA is growing since the mortality rate has increased over the years. And with this the number of obese people in the United States has grown rapidly from year to passing year.

A lack of physical work and exercise also contributes to the formation of a large number of people becoming obese. Since the service sector is booming in American industry, people are mostly occupied with cool and comfortable sitting jobs in air-conditioned rooms. This increases obesity among the average worker.

As for the need for physical exercise, many people have become largely indifferent to this need. With heavy foods in the stomach, people find no outlet to use up the stored calories. This causes obesity.

Americans should pay immediate attention to their environment, they should eliminate any factors that affect their health negatively. They should undertake more manual labor and physical exercise and teach their children about the importance of these factors to ensure a healthy body. Since obesity is associated with several fatal diseases, obese Americans will soon be treated as social outcasts and the USA, as a country of patients.

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