Obesity Therapy
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Non-Medical Consequences

If not properly medically treated the obese individual may fall victim to numerous fatal diseases. The diseases include cardiovascular problems, which may trigger strokes, diabetes, hypertensions, and hormonal disorders, breathing problems and gallbladder and liver problems.

Aside from these medical factors, obesity may cause certain technical problems in society, especially in developed countries.

Obese air passengers demand the offering of wider seats  in the aircraft. To cope with this issue commercial airlines have to increase fares as the obese increases the general weight of an airplane. A study reveals that obese passengers are costing airlines and other customers an estimated $ 75,000,000 US dollars a year.

Obese people are lately suing restaurants for putting an extra amount of fat in their dishes. This increases the number of litigation in United States.

It should be noted that ‘Personal Responsibility’ in the Food Consumption Act of 2005 was motivated by a need to reduce litigations from obesity activists.

The overall medical costs are rising day by day due to the increasing number of obese people in the country. According to a survey, as of 1998, the medical costs are rising to 78.5 billion dollars in the USA. The survey, however, is not a complete one since it did not take into account the mortality rate of people who suffer from obesity.

Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity