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Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Drugs

An obese wants an early solution to his or her health problem. He wants to forget that this condition is the neat result of many years’ neglect. This impulse has made caused them to rush to the nearest drugstore for an over-the-counter weight loss tablet. Instead it is imperative that the obese person changes their attitude instead of taking a pill.

He or she should bear in mind that it would take some time to restore their health. Proper diet, clinically proven product, physical work and exercise, a non-sedentary life style in combination is the ultimate cure. No drug will help in the reduction of weight unless all of these factors are harmoniously implemented.

However, there are some over-the-counter weight loss drugs available for the obese. But the individual should study the drug of choice and learn about its side effects. For example, the once much sought-after obese drug phenylpropanolamine had to be withdrawn from the USA market, once its bad side effects are made known to the people. The drug caused many of its users to have strokes.

FDA Warning On Phenylpropanolamine Usage

Such precaution should be made for all over-the-counter weight loss drugs. Since an obese is an easy victim of several fatal diseases like heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, hormone misbalance and breathing problems, all over-the-counter weight loss drugs should be subjected to close scrutiny and examinations before a person starts taking them regularly.

It is always advisable that the obese visit doctors first to get over their extra fat, or using a doctors endorsed and clinically proven weight loss product as an obesity therapy, instead of a short term over-the-counter weight loss drug for an immediate remedy.

Recommended therapy for obesity

Recommended Therapy For Obesity