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Weight Loss Maintenance – Old Habits Die Hard

Trying to lose weight, or have you lost weight, established a good healthy lifestyle but still feel those urges to eat the wrong foods, or skip out on your exercise creeping up. It comes up out of no where and can be amazingly intense, the desire and craving to give in and break off your diet and exercise plan.

If you have ever had this urge you understand how strong it can be and for some it’s too strong. It overwhelms them and the result is a binge of unhealthy foods.

For many starting out on new diets or for those that have tried for years this is a normal even predictable cycle of events. It can start out as simple as the desire to celebrate the fact that your diet is actually showing results. That thought leads to others and the next thing you know a craving has built up.

At this point most people give up and go off their diet saying that it’s just one of the day or the meal and to start over tomorrow. This happens because they don’t have an adequate support system in place to handle cravings. Dieting can be difficult. Having a group of people or even just a person support you is a good way to make sure that you can fight the cravings and stick to the plan. As soon as a craving appears pick up the phone and talk to a friend or a person from a support group. There are many out there and usually after a short time the craving goes away and you can stay on track.

With the support of fellow dieters, support group individuals, family and friends you can avoid the self sabotaging behaviors which have ruined other diet and weight loss plans for you. When you think about it just this simple thing is enough to decide success or failure of a weight loss plan.

Remember that everyone gets the urge to go off and eat unhealthily after all unhealthy foods usually appeal to taste more than the healthy ones do but if you stick to it and make sure you have a solid support system to handle those cravings and self sabotaging behavior you can make serious and permanent strides towards meeting your weight loss goal. You owe it to yourself to give it a try and make the deciding steps to keeping weight off for good.

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