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Women’s Body Shape’s Impact On Health

Obesity is growing every day and most people look at the shape of their bodies to determine what exercise routine or diet to start. Medial research involving the shape of a woman’s body is being done to recommend certain foods and exercises that will prevent health conditions like cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis, which the shape of the body can predict.

Women are generally classified as apple or pear shaped and this will mean that fat distribution in the body is different, resulting in certain diseases being more prevalent. It has been decided that women who have an apple shaped body and carry more weight around the midsection and chest will suffer more cardiovascular conditions like heart disease. They also have irregular levels of glucose which can lead to diabetes, and could suffer with irregular menstruation cycles as well as stress.

Women who have pear shaped bodies, on the other hand, carrying weight around the buttocks, thighs and hips, will have more incidences of varicose veins, and other circulation problems, because of the heavy weight around the legs. These women can also suffer from more eating disorders due to a poor body image and other psychological problems, but which body shape is better?

Well, none of these is better regarding weight control and health issues, and both body types will have the same issue with losing weight and certain diets. The main difference between the body shapes will be the timing of these risks that can develop. Women who are apple shaped will realize any complications and health risks that they can develop later in life, more readily than pear shaped women, so it can be easier to embark on a solution for the problems.

You can use the body shape that you have to determine certain factors about your health risks and prepare adequately. You can take measure to reduce cholesterol if you have an apple shaped body and you can try to improve your circulation by doing more exercises that aid the production of oxygen to the cells if you have a pear shaped body.

The foods that you should eat and exercise that you need to do with these body types is only a guide and you should consult a professional health care provider to recommend a good weight loss regime and exercise plan, which will also include genetic pre-dispositions to nay health complications.

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