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You Could Actually Be Overweight Even If You’re Slim

Understanding what makes someone obese isn’t as simple as just looking at someone and determining that they are overweight or not by the way they look. There are some people who are overweight who appear to be slender and others who look like they are overweight but are actually right where they should be when it comes to health.

There are people who appear slender who could actually be at higher risk for obesity related disease than those who are overweight. The reason behind this is that the risk for things like heart disease comes from the amount of fat stored around vital organs not the over all fat of the person, though this of course is a contributing factor. A slender person may actually have more fat around their vital organs and therefore be at higher risk than someone who is obese.

Slim But Can Still Be OverweightThis just goes to show that people need to find what is healthy for them. Perhaps someone who has the appearance of being overweight could actually be quite active and have less internal fat than someone who appears to be slim but does not do any physical activity. For example, a professional football player that plays in the line backer or tackle position may appear to be quite large and have a high weight. Their internal fat levels however might be significantly lower while maintaining the same BMI as someone who appears to be slender but that doesn’t participate in physical activities. The slender person may have the same BMI but the internal fat content of that person’s body may be significantly higher. This is why it is important to determine what works best for your particular body. If being slightly overweight is actually what provides the healthiest median for you then that is where you should be or if being slender is where you are healthiest then you should maintain or reach that goal.

When determining what is healthy for a person one can not rely strictly on simple numbers, over all feel is also important. Obesity isn’t as simple as being overweight or not, it is a complex disease that deals with the internal fat content of a particular person and that changes from person to person. What is obese for one person could be entirely healthy for another. Take the time to consider where you feel the healthiest and do your best to maintain that condition.

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